what should one must do if their parents do not agree over love marriage

November 28, 2008 7:23am CST
this discussion is all about that what one should do if he or she is in love with someone and ready to marry her but then he came to know that his parents don't agree with him and they want to have a traditional marriage.......
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@Jlyn22 (204)
• United States
28 Jan 09
Unless someone cares more about their families opinion then their own feelings, it shouldnt matter what the parents think. I know in my case my fiances family hates me and hasnt ever met me or tried to give me a chance, but thats not stopping us from getting married. Im marrying him not his family and I could care less what they have to say about it. It does cause more stress and more problems if the family doesnt approve but still in the end your not spending the rest of your life with your family your spending it with the one you love.
@sid556 (31003)
• United States
24 Jan 09
I would marry the person I loved anyway but I would not expect my parents help in any of it. I guess that I would know that my parents do love me and they'd come around eventually when they saw how serious I was. You have to follow your heart not someone else's . There are no mistakes. If the marriage doesn't work...you will have learned some very valuable lessons. If you don't go forth with what in your heart feels right...you will resent your parents and forever wonder if you made the right choice. If you marry someone else later on, in times of trouble, you will always look back to this one and wonder. Follow your heart.
@munhozmib (3853)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
29 Nov 08
Hello! If the parents are not agreeing in the marriage, the first thing to do is: find out why. Why are the parents against it? What is wrong with the partner? The parents must have a nice explanation, something like: "Your partner is a criminal" or something like that. Love should not make you blind, you should value if what your parents are saying is really true. If you see it is, then why not leave marriage for a year in the future? If the parents do not find a good explanation for it, remember that who have to live your life is you, not your parents. You know how much you love your partner and how is her/him. Take the action based on your life. Think about the future, of course, but if you feel ready to marry, then why should the parents get in the way? Perhaps they just don't want to let go of their child. Respectfully, Munhozmib.
• Philippines
28 Nov 08
yeah..it's the couple decision even if the parents refuses..my advice is you have to ask permission to your parents first..this is a way of big respect and is a a must for children to ask permission before getting married ..and when you're parents do not allow you...well..if this situation happen to me...i would probably still choose the one i love. well i love my parents so much..but it's not proper for them to control my life anyway..i will tell them also my valid reason..this is not not something to disobey them..but to do the right thing and right decision.
@Galena (9123)
28 Nov 08
not up to them. you should always marry the person you love. and no one is better to make that choice that the couple involved. the parents can't make that choice, as they won't be the one living that life.