Do u use "Registry cleaner" s/w for ur system?

@sindhu88 (306)
December 1, 2008 8:37am CST
hii friends i often clean my registry to increase performance of system and it also speeds up computer. So which one u use?do u use often?
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• India
14 Dec 08
yeah they are necessary! happy lotting and have a nice day!
@drannhh (15241)
• United States
2 Dec 08
I use System Mechanic which does the registry cleaning on an automatic schedule. Periodically I go in with another program to check the work, though.
@vinodamz (21)
• India
1 Dec 08
Hello friend.. You asked a good question .. Registery cleaner is really good.. I had been using it .. It can also be used to clean unvanted reg file frm ur system and u can also use that to make some software trial period to get longer .. And clearing temporary files will also help 2 speed up ur sys..
• India
1 Dec 08
I use ccleaner and system mechanic, while ccleaner analyse files and removes all cookies system mechanic has many functions like it removes junk and obsolete files, broken short cuts, it also cleans registry. So according to me system mechanic is the best.
• Singapore
1 Dec 08
There are a couple of freeware registry cleaner, and they do a decent job. However, just take note that messing around with your registry can be quite a dangerous thing to do. Just remember to backup or prepare a system restore point before doing cleaning the registry. Personally, I rarely used it. My Vista is still quite cool and I'm satisfied with that. I used it regularly years ago when my older laptop kept on churning out error messages.
@kedves (728)
1 Dec 08
hi i also clean mine regularly as browsing on-line etc often loads things with out you knowing. i use" EasyClean" i find it simple and effective.