What would traveling your country in my wheelchair be like?

@cripfemme (7715)
United States
December 4, 2008 2:48pm CST
I'm thinking of applying for a fellowship in 2011 which will require me to leave North America for one year entirely. I could make a special exception to come back for a week or so when I need to be re-evaluated for my Personal Care Assistant services. I'm concerned because I'm in a wheelchair. I've never left North America, my family, my friends, or anything familiar for any longer than 5 weeks. On those two occasions I was going to art classes in the states where there are laws about accessibility. I know that there are not always laws but I want to undertake this global adventure anyway. How is it in your country? Should I come there? What problems will I face if any?
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@mammamuh (582)
• Sweden
2 Feb 09
For staying in a country for a longer time you'll have a visa - and so does the ppl that will work for you. If they need a "green card" for working even it they get paid from another country ? I do believe so at least in most countries. If you visit a week or two as a vaccation for you - the will not need it - at least not here in Sweden, but as I said - for a longer stay they might. That's somethig you must look into. I hope you'll have a great trip!
@cripfemme (7715)
• United States
2 Feb 09
No, they would be an American I already hired and brought with me. One person for a whole year (mostly). I hope she or I don't go insane.
@owlwings (39872)
• Cambridge, England
4 Dec 08
I think that you would find the UK very friendly towards you. We are generally very good with 'wheelchair access' and provision for disablement in the workplace. It would make, indeed, a very interesting - and probably revealing - study if you were to publish your honest experiences.