Wordpress Pros and Cons

December 6, 2008 8:08am CST
Hello, I do not know programming and put up my first website using Site Build It (SBI) the flagship product of Ken Envoy's sitesell.com Now I want to put up a second site and am thinking of using Wordpress. I bought Brian Johnson's SEO Press package which deals with putting up Wordpress blogs and optimizing the blog for free Search Engine traffic. My impression of Wordpress is that it is a powerful platform for SEO. But I read in a pdf that it is easy to hack into and a pain to maintain (needs a lot of time and effort). So what would be best? Get Dreamweaver or some other software or should I use wordpress.. Also what would be the cost of these various options if you compare them with each other. All this is required because I don't know programming and also do not wish to learn. But there must be many persons here in the same boat as me.. Any comments? I would appreciate any help. regards
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@derek_a (10902)
7 Dec 08
Hi, I have free blogs on wordpress and must say that I find the site easy to navigate and optimising blogs is all done automatically for good SE0. I noticed that traffic started to trickle in a few days after the blogs were live. But I think you still have to do some marketing and social networking sites like Myspace and Stumbleupon are a good way of doing this.
6 Dec 08
The important thing here is that you don't know programming and don't wish to learn. Going with Dreamweaver would probably be a bad move, since the last time I looked at it, it was just a page building tool, not a blogger. WordPress is consideed one of the big blogging apps, though I haven't tried it myself. Any blogging software will require a air amount of work to set up and maintain, especially if you want to personalise things. I use Movabletype and it takes or ever to set up - but once it's done, it's just easy admin. You might be better off using a third-party blogging site and pushing traffic there. That way you don't do the set-up work. Worth a thought.