Concept of sin

December 20, 2008 4:58am CST
Most people think Sin is bad in the eyes of God, God hates sin, we are all sinners and we have fallen short f the glory of God. I feel sin is only a mistake or error. God definitely feels happy when we commit a sin and not angry or hurt. Because from every sin, there is message to be learnt, a hidden treasure. Suppose there was no sin, life would be too boring. A sinless life is meaningless. Of course. too much sin is bad just like too much eating is bad. It should eb in moderation. But never hate sin. Instead , let us love sin. In my opinion, sin is the door to heaven.
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• Indonesia
20 Dec 08
let it flow do what you think is right after you learn I think sin is a wrong way to heaven then I wouldn't do it
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
20 Dec 08
i kind agree with you sins are mistakes we make in life, but they can also be the person who decide they can do what ever they want, or the people who tells me i can do this or that, such as cruss people out and go back to church and asked god to forgive me. that is another sin
20 Dec 08
What? God is happy when we sin? And a sinless life is a boring life? Did you take your meds today?
@owlwings (39757)
• Cambridge, England
20 Dec 08
It is quite true that we can learn from our mistakes but that can only happen if we recognise them as mistakes. I think that many people are aware that something is supposed to be 'sinful' but really don't care and continue to 'sin' because what they are doing suits them. There are two (at least) totally different concepts of sin. The first is that of disobeying a set of rules (such as the ten commandments or social conventions). The second involves understanding how our lives are linked to God and how we should, at all times, do whatever we do in His name and in the right spirit. Very often, of course, we perceive that we we haven't done something as well as we might and that is the time when we should come to God as our friend and father, say sorry with genuine remorse and ask for the strength and help to do it better next time and the wisdom to understand whether we sin or not. Of the two, I prefer the second. The first is really for 'beginners' who haven't yet properly understood how God lives in their hearts.