Witnessing an accident

@caesarin (1091)
December 20, 2008 6:40pm CST
Have you ever witness an accident? Were you shock at that time? Was it traumatic to you, so that you are afraid of doing this or that remembering the accident (that you witnessed)? I often watched the news or read the newspaper reporting accidents, any kinds of accidents. Sometimes, the dead victims in an accidents are in bad conditions so that even the paramedic couldn't stand looking or feel pity about it. I thought it was ironical to be careful all the time but still the accidents met their ends on them. I never witness any and never wished to witness any. It will be traumatic for me to witness such things, especially it takes people's life.
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
21 Dec 08
I have witnessed several accidents in the past. I consider myself lucky that each time I was not shocked nor traumatised. I am also grateful that so far I have not been involved in any serious accident. I think there are drivers who do not really care about other road users because the laws are quite lenient to them, If the laws are tougher they may think twice before driving recklessly. Let us say that the fine is proportionate to the speed and the weight of the vehicle. Then a high speed crash while driving a Merc would incur a greater fine compared to driving a compact. So far the accidents I have met were due to careless driving of all sides. all the best, rosdimy
@spalladino (17924)
• United States
21 Dec 08
I used to live in a very congested area and have not only witnessed accidents, I have been involved in a couple. No one was seriously injured in any of them but they do make you feel a little nervous about going out on the road afterwards. Like any fear, though, you have to overcome it or it will control your life.
@caesarin (1091)
• Indonesia
23 Dec 08
Yeah, we should let ourselves take control of our life, not other people and also other things like fears. So a couple of accidents . . . were you driving? I once take a ride on a minibus where the driver isn't much familiar with the road. It was dark and no sufficient lightings on the road. I was sleeping and woke up to found the car was not on its wheel. Fortunately, no one were badly injured. It was quite a horror. But so far I can overcome it. Thanks spalladino.
@sanuanu (11238)
• India
21 Dec 08
No, I have never witnessed it, I have seen it just after it has occured. I saw two or three people injured. What I did was asked my friend to call for the ambulance and call for the police. We were going for our office at 3am. Man it was .. I have no words to describe. Please don't remind me that.