Does your husband stay out all night and never call?

United States
December 21, 2008 7:05am CST
My husband has been staying out all night lately. This is the third time he has done this. He never calls and says what he is doing or to let me know that he is not dead! I have a great idea now. I am going to put a keyless entry deadbolt on the door. I will program it for my code. If it is 10:00pm and he has not called I will change the code. I live in an apaartment now so I will have to use a "door chain" or push the couch on the door. I am going to tell him that if he is locked out, the only way to get back in, is to come back in 24 hours. His punishment for coming in the next day and not calling will be to sleep out side, in his car, or with his friends for 24 hrs. Now he will think about calling when it is 20 degrees outside and he is still in his nasty work clothes, and smells like a monkey. I am also in school right now and I do not work. I have been experiencing also a very hard time with my depressioin and axiety. My husband pays all the bills because usually I get fired for making mistakes at my jobs or cannot deal with anxiety provoking jobs! He works and I don't. I have to take the power away from him because he is abusive. I am starting a new job now and will tell him that I am going to pay all of the bills. It is going to be hard but I hate to be disrespected. I will also tell him that I don't need him financially. He is in my life as a campanion and that's it. I usually wash all of his clothes,cook everyday for him elaborate meals, and clean. He has not picked up a broom in five years. He did one time only because he was bored. He will now be responsible for washing, cooking and cleaning. I will make out a list of his responsibilities. I think that this will work if anyone has any other suggestions please email me at