what does it mean when he says "we are just friends"?

Northern Mariana Islands
@liyan97 (2129)
December 25, 2008 4:54am CST
Well I have been dating this man for a little over a month now, he is a great man who has accepted me and my kids with no questions asked. I have grown to feel for him in a way that I assume will only lead to a better relashionship. I have told myself to keep my distance because I have already been through too many wrong relationships. I made him a great dinner on Monday night for his birthday because that is what he ask for, after words he invited me and my kids to his place for movie night, we spent the night there and it was actually a nice feeling. I must admit that It felt like we are moving foward with the relationship. It Christmas day and we argue over something that didn't even make sense, nonetheless I was hurt about the way he approached and talked to me. NO he did not call me names or curse in any way but he did make a statement of "its none of your buisness", as you can imagine i was a bit shocked and felt bad. I told him that I would let him go because he mentioned that he had an invite from a friend adn hung up. Through out most of the day he wouldnt take my calls so I just simply gave up. Towards the evening he called and said he would come bye adn bring us some cake and he did. We then talked about what happened earlier in the day and he simply said "Why would you feel bad about the way I talked to you if we are only friends?". I was in awhh, didn't see that coming! Here I thought that we were moving foward and his words just threw us back to the basics. I really don't kno what to say nor do! What does it mean when he says "we are just friends"?