spliting up the kids room

United States
December 26, 2008 10:15am CST
My girls have ben fighting each other so much latley and arguing .So now dad has decided to split them up in there room and give them there each own space. after my oldest 8 saying she wanted split away from her sister whio will be three. I know there is a big age gap and things are difrent . I also no that this is a needed thing but it does bother me alot since they have ben so close since my 3 year old was born but now my 8 year old dosent want her anymore any suggestions?
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@rusty2rusty (6766)
• Defiance, Ohio
26 Dec 08
I don't think it is that your 8 year old doe snot want her sister anymore. I think it is more along the line of needing her own space. Does your 8 yr old do anything without her sister tagging along? Like to aunt, friends or grandma's? She is getting at the age of learning to make friends and choose her perfences. It is all about a part of growing up. Does you rlittle one get in her big sisters stuff? That makes a big difference. If she does I can seee why you older daughter would want her own room. My boys both went through it. They are 7 years apart. I did seperate them for a bit. But now they have the same room together again. They had a period of adjustment. But are doing fine now.
• United States
26 Dec 08
yes my little one goes everywere with her sister. i cant give them there own rooms we only have a twobedroom. but we did rearrange the bedroom for each others pritave space .