God Bless

United States
December 27, 2008 8:26am CST
What do those words mean to you? Do you get upset or mad if somone says that to you?
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@rusty2rusty (6766)
• Defiance, Ohio
27 Dec 08
God bless to me means someone cares enough to wish God to bless me in life. It means Dear God, watch over whatever is being asked to be blessed.
• United States
28 Dec 08
i belive god-bless is a way of thanking some one or saying god bless you , as a blessing. i do not take ofence to this at all since i am non domational cristian. also i have ben takin off gard a few times when a person has said this to me but i think it's be cause of the person it came from?
@GAUCI123 (1042)
• Malta
27 Dec 08
Well, I will not be upset, since I am a catholic and in my place you hear it several times. However I am not that fanatic on Religion, so it dosen't bother me at all. Have a wonderful year 2009
@AnakSuNamun (2084)
• United States
27 Dec 08
I think these words are sweet but a bit irrelevant since I'm not very religious. No reason to get mad or upset-whoever said that meant the best for you.I prefer to think it's a wish of good luck,but good luck brought by God:) There are certain times when I would raise an eyebrow hearing this,one of them if I happened to meet a religious fanatic spitting foam in my face,the other one if it was in a weird situation. For example,I've seen a person take an employment application at my job and she thanked me and said "God bless you",the strangest thing is that she was about 20 and didn't look Christian at all:)