Is long distance relationship workable?

January 10, 2009 3:33am CST
Hi! I just want to hear your thoughts about long distance relationships, like boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife being physically away from each other due to whatever reason. Do you think it will work? Or it really depends on some other factors?
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@wheel416 (1019)
• Canada
10 Jan 09
Hi there, and welcome to Mylot! As many others have already said I think the success or failure of a long distance relationship will depend on the quality of that relationship to begin with. If a couple has a strong bond and connection it will survive over a distance and if not, it will be weak and that bond or connection will break. Relationships never stay the same. They're constantly evolveing and changing. This is true of all relationships, friendships, intimate relationships, marriages and long distance relationships. That is why it is particularly difficult for a relationship to survive long-term if you do not see each other regularly. Communication is the key to any good relationship and is hard enough to do when you're face to face with your partner. It is 10 times harder to communicate long distance. So in a nutshell, I think that long distance relationships have some unique challenges, but, in general there not all that different from any other relationship. It takes two people constantly being willing to work at a relationship, to be successful and happy! That's just my 2ยข worth happy Mylotting!
@phalz81 (106)
• Singapore
10 Jan 09
Maybe work for some of people. But it certainly did not work for me even though I'm truly looking forward it and both parties has to work together to achieve this otherwise is just like say Hi then Bye. I tried two times with these long distance relationship with my ex boyfriends before. First we just met for two weeks but after that fly back to continue his studies. After six months I feel there is lacking with I don't know much about him as he busy with his studies as well and do not have time to contact me. I feel neglected so before it's too late. I stop this. The second one. After one year dating as he also need to continue his studies, at first work for the first six months, but after that he has a lot of excuses until one of my friend saw him dating with another girl. And that's it. No more long distance. But some of my friends work with this way, result they have been married for years now as well. So blessed for those. And good luck and all the best for the failed one.
@uditpanda (1023)
• India
10 Jan 09
hello angiesg. welcome to mylot. I am sure you will find this space as enjoyable & innovative as the fellow mylotters. Thank you for this interesting 1st post of yours. I really doubt on feasibility of a long distance relationship. It would require strong dedication & commitment from both sides to sustain a relationship to that level. not mere phone calls or chat sessions will do the magic. I had a friend who was closest to me when we were together, but as she moved apart ,the distance in the relationship is also growing. Its always best for close peoples to stay close together. have a nice time in mylot.
@laydee (12815)
• Philippines
10 Jan 09
I believe it could be workable, I'm in one now and we've been on it for the last 4years, it isn't a bed of roses and there are many disadvantages for these types of relationships (You can't hug him when you want to, can't kiss, nor can you just look at him without saying anything) it's been tough but communication is the key in this type of relationship (so true too to other types as well). You both must at least love each other or is willing to work things out first before engaging in such a relationship. I tell you, it isn't easy and many did try and failed, but I do hope and believe that it is possible. Good luck! By the way, it would only work out if you saw each other BEFORE going into a relationship, otherwise, you're just fooling yourselves.
• Malaysia
10 Jan 09
i don't think that is really work .. unless 2 of them believe in each other very much ... but that is just my opinion .. maybe others have different thought than mine ..
@eiram25 (1077)
• Philippines
10 Jan 09
i personally think it all depends on the couple and their level of love and commitment to each other.i can't really say if it's workable or not because i haven't encountered that yet.but i think i'm on the verge of being away from my partner because i have to work overseas.i think by that time i can fully say if it is or isn' only opinion on the matter is that depends on the couple,that if they want to make things work and decide on it,then nothing can separate them even if they are physically away from each other. happy mylotting!