Are you sure you are good at praising?

January 14, 2009 6:37am CST
I was told that when you praise someone, you not only praise what he does, but the contribution it is related to. When you blame someone, you should limit only to what he does, but not the possible consequence it might be related to. Sounds difficult to comprehend? Here are the examples. When your husband helps to take out the rubbish bag, instead of saying, "Thank you for taking out the rubbish bag." You can also say, "Very kind of you to help me with the homemaking." When you see him forget to turn off the light, do not relate the act to anything like "You never care about the home." Just a kind reminder is enough," Again you forget to turn off the light." Different wording will lead to totally different results, isn't?
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@baileycows (3669)
• United States
14 Jan 09
Yes I usually do it, but I don't think I do it so much with my husband as I do my daughter. I always try to link her praising to what she has done just hoping she will keep doing it. LOL! But maybe I need to have that thought with my husband as well.
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15 Jan 09
Perhaps, but only if it's totally sincere. If a person has to force such things, it's worse than silence!