Halo Halo Ice Cream or Original Halo Halo?

@modstar (9621)
January 15, 2009 8:59am CST
Halo Halo - Am i promoting halo halo too much?
Yups. There's such a thing as Halo Halo ice cream. Ok, before anything else, Halo Halo is a dessert/snack made up of crushed iced, milk, sugar, mixed fruits (beans, jello-o, nata de coco, bananas, uber, jackfruit, etc.) and with custard and ice cream on top. Now, Magnolia(?) came up with Halo Halo flavored ice cream. So ice cream replaced crush iced. So will you go with the traditional Halo Halo or the modified Halo Halo ice cream? I attached the photo of the original Halo Halo and use it as your guide. (i'm just curious if there's someone out there who'll choose the traditional when obviously, ice cream is better than crushed ice)