how polite is your child?

January 15, 2009 4:03pm CST
I notice that some kids are a lots more polite than other and i know that when my son is the most polite is because he want something or did you think kids are still capable of politeness?
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@kezabelle (2985)
16 Jan 09
All children are capable of being polite however if they arent show a decent example daily of just how to be polite then they wont be either after all they learn from example! My girls both say their pleases and thank yous sometimes they forget but they are only small and with a gentle reminder soon remember. I always talk politely to them aswell again they learn from my example.
@spalladino (17924)
• United States
16 Jan 09
I live in Florida and the kids down here are extremely polite. It's a southern thing. Even young adults are polite. My daughter is trying to raise my grandkids to be as polite as the other kids in the neighborhood but the oldest was 4 when they moved down here so he's going to need more training. My almost three year old grandson isn't very cooperative either but their mom keeps trying so, hopefully, they'll eventually learn some manners.
@vanities (11387)
• Davao, Philippines
16 Jan 09
hi isabella..of course they are depending on what parents or we had taught since the very beginning ..actually we are their role model..what they see or hear in us they imitate and act on it..thinking that its good and as parents its our responsibility to instill in their hearts and mind to give respect to everyone /or shall we instill the moral values in their young minds...
@luvandpower (2049)
• United States
15 Jan 09
lol isabella what you wrote actually reminded me of a saying of my mothers. She used to always say, " What is up your armpit?" whenever I would act polite. But anyway, to answer your question, I don't have children personally, but I believe that a child is polite always, but it is the emotions that are around them that form their change of politeness. Then to answer your second question, of course children are capable of it, they were born smiling, and they are born coming out to be eager, curious, and just loveable. ALl you can do is to watch as they grow up, smiling at you.