Do you scrape your tongue when brushing your teeth?

@James72 (26833)
January 17, 2009 4:30am CST
I keep seeing references to this and it is supposed to be a beneficial practice that we should undertake whenever we brush our teeth. There can be a lot of build up of "gunk" on the tongue and in trun, this gunk can generate bacteria that causes bad breath etc. The problem for me though, is that whenever I try to scrape my tongue, the gag reflex kicks in and I almost throw up! It's not very pleasant at all, so I of course rarely try to scrape the tomgue at all. What about you? Do you scrape your own tongue whenever you clean your teeth? Does it make you gag also when you do it? Do you really think it's of benefit or will toothpaste or mouthwash be more than adequate to control any major build-up anyways?