how not to be a snob? or am i? help please..

January 17, 2009 9:10am CST
hi there mylotters! since i was a kid, people have always had this feedback on me that iwas (and still am) a snob. i'm not aware hwo exactly do i do this, and why i have this effect on people. all i know is that i don't speak if i dont' have to or if i don't have anything important to say. do you think this is the reason? what tips can you give me so that i can appear to be approachable (as i think i really am :-/)? please help me out. i don't want to people to think that i'm a snob. i might be making lesser friends than i should be..
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@oyenkai (4398)
• Philippines
18 Jan 09
Sometimes it's not about when you speak but how you speak - the intonation of the voice says a lot if someone's gauging you as a snob or not. Like if you sound like a know-it-all-and-i'm-never-wrong-shut-up-dont-argue-with-me then you're probably a snob. I think the best way to do this is to have someone point out when you're being snobbish - ask a friend you hang around with to say "snob" (or a code term if you're doing this in public) every time you look are talk like one. This will help you realize exactly which of your mannerisms you're supposed to change. And often times the arch of the eyebrow plus the motion of looking down looks proud and that might also be something you have to look out for...especially if you're tall :D
@4mymak (1796)
• Malaysia
17 Jan 09
some people say that i look 'unfriendly' or 'fierce'.. just because i dont have a ready-made smile for everyone i meet.. this is was what most people thought of me, especially when i was in school.. but i guess.. as i grew older.. i learn to smile at people more, especially those i usually come see at school, the neighbourhood, at the campus.. and at work. i dont necessarily talk to them, and i may not know all of them by name.... but i smile to them, so as to 'acknowledge' them..
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
17 Jan 09
first of all, who cares what anyone think. i am told different things about me like some will tell you i am the sweetest guy ever, i am love able, and caring. like a big ol teddy bear, well others might say i am the biggest a$4 they might, i am cold hearted and i could carelss. but i guess just be more out going towards people. they often say the samething about my wife, she don't say much.