fussy eater

@gemini13 (333)
January 22, 2009 4:32am CST
my boy is 1 yr ols now and since two three days he has become very fusy about his food, he only eats if the food is sweetened by sugar..am worried about getting intestinal worms, coz somewhere i have heard that excess sugar may cause intestinal worms..what shall i do
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@kezabelle (2985)
25 Jan 09
He wont get worms from eating too much sugar you catch them from other people so dont worry about that. As for his fussiness just realx a child can survive and be healthy off only two tablespoons of food a day and i bet if you wrote it all down he is actually eating more than that. Allow him to feed himself (even if he only uses his fingers) and sit him at the table/in highchair set the food you have prepared infront of him and sit down and eat yours show him by example is the best way to encourage healthy eating give him 30 minutes then remove what he hasnt eaten and offer a healthy pudding try small meals but often and give healthy snacks the phase will soon pass but the more stressed out you get the less likely he is to eat I have two girls and at almost 3 and 5 years they are good healthy eaters and by doing the above we always got through the tough patches where they didnt eat much It is also do well to remember children dont eat as much when they arnt growing for exampleif a child is about to have a growth spurt they will eat a lot then suddenly go to eating not much because they dont need it. Always remeber he will eat when he is hungry and not before and they really (as long as they are well) will not starve themselves xxx
@laydee (12814)
• Philippines
22 Jan 09
I don't know about intestinal worms, but I heard from my sister in law who has a son about 1year and a few months old, that there's an age when kids have trouble eating, they don't want to eat during meal times, and they just want to play with their food or just play all-in-all. I think you can't force your child to eat. Neither should you just let him starve because you know better than him. I guess this is also the time when you try to squeeze out your creative juices in order to make him eat, plus remember to feed him a better formula because even if they won't eat well, if they still drink the formula (milk) it would be healthier than not eating and drinking milk at all. Good luck!