Laptop mouse

United States
January 23, 2009 10:27am CST
When I first got my laptop a few years ago, I hated the flat mouse that is built into the laptop. So I bought a small mouse that plugs into the USB port in the laptop. I quickly found that this was just a hassle to carry around and to set up everytime. So I adjusted the the flat touch pad and I really like it now. Do you like the mouse that is built in? Or do you carry around a regular mouse too?
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@savak03 (6678)
• United States
29 Jan 09
I don't really like the touchpad either but using a mouse when you are in your car or anyplace where you don't have a table to work off of is problematic. I finally decided to get a tracball which I happen to like better than a mouse anyway. This way I can use it no matter where I am working and I don't need a table for it to work.
@user_786 (1338)
26 Jan 09
The inbuilt mouse is of no use at all. It is so hard to use it. Even the touch pad on some laptops is not good. It is hard to control finger movement on the pad and it is also slower to move mouse pointer with the pad than it is from mouse.
@delmeg10 (112)
• United States
23 Jan 09
I'm alright with the touchpad built into my laptop also. I would love to use my external mouse all the time, but it's such a hassle sometimes. Like, when I'm using my laptop in bed or on the sofa, it's too much of a pain to carry the mouse along. So, unless I'm using my laptop at my desk, I just don't use the mouse, I use the touchpad.
• China
23 Jan 09
I am behind you. The touchpad is really annoying. I simply adore the trackpoint built in Thinkpad. The trackpoint is much better than touchpad. However, the plain mouse is the best except its size.
@egdcltd (6999)
23 Jan 09
I don't like the touch pad either. Shortly after getting my laptop, I dug out an optical trackerball I was no longer using, and starting using that with the laptop instead. I carry the trackerball around in my laptop case.
• Canada
23 Jan 09
I really don't like my touchpad. I CAN use it without much hassle but I'm so used to using the mouse on my desktop. I always carry an external mouse. I did buy one that was smaller for the laptop so it isn't too bulky to carry. One of my daughters loves the touchpad and when I have to do something on her computer, as admin, it drives me nuts having no mouse LOL The other daughter is exactly like me and always uses an external. Matter of personal taste, I suppose :)