The oven or microwave?

@bamakelly (5194)
United States
January 30, 2009 8:35am CST
I don't own a microwave at this time so I rely on my oven right now. Which is pretty much better than nothing. I was wondering if anyone finds it easier to just microwave something on a regular basis as opposed to the standard oven?
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@Carolyn63 (1403)
• United States
3 Feb 09
I love my microwave for heating things up. But I adore my crockpot and I got a GT Express. I hate using the oven during the summer so I use those two items or the hubby grills. During the winter I love my oven cause I want that extra heat in our old house. Steaming veges in the microwave is great. I also have an egg poacher for it. My husband uses it more for popcorn than anything else.
• Malaysia
2 Feb 09
hi bama, i just love my oven and stove cheers
@phoenix25 (1543)
• United States
1 Feb 09
I really prefer to use the oven. The only things I really microwave are my son's chicken nuggets or fish sticks, leftovers, and ramen noodles. Baking or stove cooking is better for the food and baking food over microwaving usually makes the texture less soggy on a lot of things.
@Bebs08 (10689)
• United States
30 Jan 09
I love to use both microwave and oven but sometimes when I am in a hurry microwave is better to use. It can heat the food faster than the over. But for some baking stuff of course oven is necessary. These gadgets are very important especially if we are working at an early hour. We can just put our food in there and it's done.
@lilybug (21148)
• United States
30 Jan 09
I don't normally use a microwave for anything other than heating up foods and steaming vegetables. If I had to choose between no oven and no microwave I would pick no microwave in a heartbeat.
@savypat (20246)
• United States
30 Jan 09
I love my microwave, I especially like the new steam vegies. The package is just right for two of us who need to eat a lot of vegtables.