Loving animals more than humans

South Africa
February 1, 2009 8:44am CST
A friend of mine who is divorced and has no children has told me that she loves animals more than humans because of all the inhumane things that humans do. What are your comments on this?
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• Canada
1 Feb 09
Thats how humans are. If you changed all the dogs so they could talk, and think exactly like a human and set them into a world to reproduce over time you find the same thing develop. The dog would still be considered an animal. Thats sad.
• South Africa
2 Feb 09
These are all valid points - thanks
@Citychic (4078)
• United States
17 Feb 09
Personally speaking, I think this is a crazy idea for humans to be closer to animals than to other humans. I think that some people simply lack people skills so they feel closer to animals..... I love animals too but I don't feel that it's right for people to be closer to animals than to humans. There are so many humans out here in the world that are begging for love. Some need a touch or just the fellowship of another human being. If we can dress up animals and buy them nice things, how much more should we be able to do good things for our human brothers and sister?
• United States
12 Feb 09
I actually kinda do, to an extent. Animals are completely innocent creatures, they dont torture other animals just for the jeck of it like humans do, they only kill for food and atack and/or kill as a means of protection when they feel threatened.Humans on the other hand we treat animals so unvelivebly bad it truly disgusts me, I mean we are supposed to be the humane, caring,civilized species but we really dont act like it, we act like uncivilized barbarics and i find it truly sad, my only hope is that some day in the future this will all change.
@loveyevi (513)
• United States
10 Feb 09
Sometimes I definitely love my animals more than humans. I wouldn't go as far as saying that I love all animals more than humans though. But after I come home from a bad day,and my pets are there waiting for me, its hard not to feel more love for them, then for the people who are supposed to be decent. Animals give you unconditonal love, when humans do not always. Of course, I don't think that animals can give you as much satisfaction, as good human relationships can. There are only so many things animals can give you. But the right people in your life can give you anything you want.
@marty3888 (2359)
• United States
1 Feb 09
I live with one of those people. In fact both her and her daughter. I just can't relate to that. I love our dog but I'm realistic. The dogs don't know how to commit crimes or do all those inhumane things that people do. What I don't agree with is that no human is capable of that unconditional love. Animals can't talk so they not capable of hurting your feelings. Our dog does not respond to the wordo. My girlfrriend's daughter says he does he's just not obeying. I think alot of people who have been hurt by humans think like that.
@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
1 Feb 09
In a lot of ways I can totally understand that..some ppl are just more comfortable around animals for whatever reason....I guess as long as she isnt completely shut away from society and can still function within society I see no problem with it at all ya know..
1 Feb 09
i think the reason some people prefer animals to people is because they don't talk or argue back, their there when you want them, and depend on you totally (talking pets here) yeah people can be cruel, they hurt kill and maim others, steal, commit horrible attrocities, but i do belive people on the whole are good! Animals, are also horrible to each other, kill, steal food, pee on your clean bedding atc lol they are capable of rape, cannabalism, long drawn out deaths and much more. Yes we are suppossed to be blessed with greater intelegience...but have we really, the more we get the more we want, if animals were capable of bettering themselves as we have, they'd probably knock us right out of the food chain, and make us look as harmless lol
1 Feb 09
It's a bit of a blinkered attitude, in my opinion, because animals can be pretty cruel themselves - look at the way cats treat mice. Having said that, I have to admit that I often prefer the company of animals to people, because the relationships are simpler. Take a cat for instance - feed it regularly, stroke it when it wants to be stroked, and leave it alone when it doesn't want to be bothered with you, and it's your friend. There's no complicated subtexts like you get with people.