I Wasn't Talking To You!!!

United States
February 13, 2009 6:43pm CST
One of the things that annoys the piddle out of me is when people butt into conversations that have absolutely nothing to do with them. There's this one girl in one of my classes that has to butt into every conversation and I'm trying my hardest not to yell at her and tell her to mind her own business. Doesn't it just grind your gears when people do that?
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@JJ4Ever (4696)
• United States
3 Mar 10
Absolutely! This is definitely one of the top items on my pet peeves list - LOL. I feel that someone butting into my conversation when it's none of their business is like if someone were to walk right into my house without invite or warning. Don't you? It's almost like an invasion of privacy! I hope I don't do this. LOL
@katsalot1 (1619)
14 Feb 09
It is annoying, but it's also sad, because people who do that are just trying to get attention. It's difficult to stop them without being cruel.
• United States
14 Feb 09
Yes, I hate that! So rude! The only time I can see people doing that is if someone is talking about needing help with something specific and no one knows the answer. Then I can see someone butting in, for example, if I were talking about "where the heck can I buy this one special brand of candle, the place I used to go went out of business, and I can't find it anywhere!!" and the lady behind me knew, I wouldn't be offended if she said "oh, you can get those at walmart" or something along those lines. But when I am having a private conversation about something and someone butts in with an opinion on people they don't even know ... ooooh, it burns me up! :)