Has mispronouncing a foreign word ever got you into trouble before?

@maezee (32559)
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February 26, 2009 8:22pm CST
Has mispronouncing a foreign word ever got you into trouble before? I have to ask, because I know a lot of us on MyLot are learning different & foreign languages. Have you ever been embarrassed or gotten into trouble for mispronouncing a foreign word? Or perhaps on accident, you said a word other than the one you wanted to say? Here are a couple of my stories: 1.) My sister's friend, who is a foreign exchange student from Sweden, wanted to ask my sister if she had MADE up the test she missed the day before, but he accidentally said "MADE OUT" instead of "MADE UP". Anyone who has a basic grasp of the Am.-English language pretty much knows that the phrase "made out", while it might not make literal sense, means to passionately kiss. He was pretty embarrassed as a result, although it's an easy mistake to make. 2.) During my Japanese oral exam, my topic was about alcohol abuse in colleges and within college students across America. Somehow, I don't know if I was nervous, or what the situation was, but I accidentally said "delicious" instead of "successful". And, of course, it had to be my thesis that I totally ruined, by saying "In order to be 'DELICIOUS', students should drink alcohol, and instead, should focus on their studies..". It totally ruined my whole oral, and afterwords my sensei (teacher) had to laugh, and ask me what I was thinking and what I was trying to say. What about you guys? Have you ever experienced any likewise situation?
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@JoyfulOne (6242)
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27 Feb 09
Hahaha, those were funny, yet it's so easy to make a mistake like that. When I read the title of your post, I immediately started giggling remembering the one I did not too long ago. My one daughter is married to a wonderful guy who originally spoke Spanish as his language. He speaks English wonderfully. I thought it was important that my grandson learn a few words in Spanish here and there, and my grandson calls him Papi (sounds like poppy.) Well, when my grandson was smaller I called him 'Papa', and I put the stress on the last part of the word. When I said it, it sounded like: pa'PAH. One day he said to me...do you know you've been calling me a potato for the past couple of weeks?! We laughed so hard over that, but hey...I didn't know I was pronouncing it wrong. Live and learn hahaha.