Why is diversity always seemingly focused on minorities?

@ulalume (714)
United States
March 5, 2009 6:09am CST
I am just looking for honest opinions about this question. I have been noticing around school many "diversity" activities, however the "diversity" is entirely focused on minority groups. Later this week one diversity activity is in regards to African American drum dancing. This alone doesn't really bother me, but I have not once seen a diversity day focused on any group other than African Americans and Latinos. Does anyone else experience this? How does it make you feel?
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@ALouie (118)
• United States
23 Jul 09
I am presently studying diversity because I think it is essential to improve humanity. Diversity like everything else needs to have a face. It is because of minority groups that we have diversity awareness in many parts of the world today, therefore it is essential that diversity celebrations focus on minority groups. People can see a person's appearance but they can not see what is beneath the cover. By celebrating (visible) minority groups' activities the doors are open to begin researching many other kinds of diversity that are not so obvious, such as people with "invisible" neurologically atypical characteristics that may be victims of prejudice but have no ready support. I feel thankful that minority groups have fought so hard to obtain fair treatment for themselves, and that they have opened the gates of fair treatment to other diverse groups that have not been able to identify themselves yet. These minority groups are heroes and the "drum dancing" sounds like a wonderful celebration of diversity for all. I am sure you can play a great song about your thoughts and what makes you diverse!
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7 Mar 09
Umm I know this probally sounds bad.. But I dont really pay attention to the kind of thing so it doesnt really effect me at all.lol If i did,And I did see like you that it was always african american and latinos. I might say somthing that. they is so gay. why can we as white people or they as indians or they as chineese people be it for one time.lol But then shortly after the thought would be gone and id be on about my day....