Can you really open your car door using your cellphone?

@zahfran (851)
March 18, 2009 3:14am CST
Hi fello mylotters. I read somewhere that people have done research on this topic. It is said that you are able to open your car using your cellphone? This is great for someone who left or lost their keys. Someone who is very forgetful like me. Haha.. They said to record the sound that the car makes when you press you car key button. I've done that. I've recorded the sound on my phone and tried using it to open my car. But it doesn't work. Did I miss out on any step? Can someone shed some light here?
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@owlwings (38861)
• Cambridge, England
18 Mar 09
Your keyfob transmits a code on a radio frequency. If you record whatever sound it makes (which can only be the sound of you pressing the button and the mechanics of the lock at best) and replay it, you are playing a sound file at audio frequencies. The two things are entirely different. You may as well say that you can enjoy a free curry by standing outside a restaurant and smelling it cooking. If you do this, by the way, and the owner complains that you are stealing from him, by all means offer to pay him ... with the sound of your money! There are a number of urban myths about cell phones which circulate in emails and can be found on several YouTube videos. Here is an article, though, which talks sense:
@zahfran (851)
• Singapore
19 Mar 09
Thanks owlwings. Haha.. SO guess I must be more vigilant and not forget about my car keys from now on.
@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
18 Sep 09
Hello, No I think that it isn't true, mainly because when you call someone I don't think it sends anything else, except sound. So I don't think it can send infrared over 2 phones. But I have no idea how the people demonstrated it on YouTube. Make sure you have a good day, Happy Lotting!!
@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
19 Jun 09
I don't think so..if it does all the car is not safe from vulgar and thieves out there. If it has any shed of truth in it,it will be helpful because some people always forgot their keys inside the car.
@hanah87 (1846)
• Malaysia
20 Mar 09
Oh very interesting!I never heard about it but i will try to check out about this.
@mrtimharry (1180)
18 Mar 09
Think its an urban myth as it would mean that all cars of that type were unsecure - anyway if you have lost your keys getting into your car wouldn't help a great deal, unless you were just trying to retrieve something from inside