My boss cheated on my pay

@Hubfee (665)
March 18, 2009 4:49am CST
Actually, this didn't happen to me only but also my workmates. My boss is a person who cannot admit her fault and others have to be wrong all the time. She keeps saying I shouldn't have done that/this but when I ask her what I should do, she has no answer for me, especially, when I disputed her. I can endure about that because I like to do my part time job but on my payday she cheated my hours for 5 hours and she even said that she has right to get another P500 from our payment which everybody in the company also experienced the same. I am not really mad but just disappointed because when I did help her (doing overtime) when she asked for, but she didn't even say thank you. Even worse to my mental, when I did a little mistake, I was almost stepped on my head into the ground. I don't know how long I can stay with this company even though I like the job here but I really don't know how long I can handle this situation. Now, I'm just looking for a new workplace. If I can find a better one then I'll just go without hesitating. How would you feel if you're in my situation? If anybody experience the same, let's share the feeling! Ps. I'm not a person who likes to do overtime. It's just tiring me. my shift starts at evening until midnight.