Is This Politics AS Usual? Clue Me In.

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March 20, 2009 11:48am CST
I know only to well that I am not as politically or economically as astute as I should be. Maybe that is why I am so profoundly confused about the US economics and the woes of our politicians in government.I am A proud American, born and raised. I thought I had a pretty good basic understanding of how our democratic processes worked. Now, I really wonder! I think it works like this. We have needs. We the people. We have resources. We the people. We have an uncontestable promise of freedom. We the people. Then as we pursue quality lives we hire or elect qualified citizens to honor and protect our many, many rights. We pay them with the dollars that we earn in our pursuits. That is a very, very simplistic way to see it. In the midst of this "bliss" we are told that our economy and a great number of our politicians, and our wealthy corporations who we have given great tax breaks, are on the way to hell in a hand basket. The major response has been that we need more money. We need to cut back. The most perplexing response is that of the politicians that say "I have the answer and I know what to do" To them I want to say "Where were you when certain things were going on? The core of democracy is to agree or disagree. You were picking up the salary funded by the taxes of the people. Did you really do your job? What is your job evaluation saying?"
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20 Mar 09
Welcome to MyLot, newbie! Wouldn't it be great if we could call for a change without waiting for the full term of a politician to be completed? That way, they'd realize they really do have to be responsive to our needs, and not those of the highest bidder. If I knew sub-prime mortgages couldn't be anything but a disaster, and I have very little education in economics per se. There's no way all these horrors were perpetrated upon the US without the full knowledge of our elected leaders, but it went on until it went way, way too far. We need to demand that this is truly a government of the people by the people and for the people once again. Maybe we need to outlaw lobbying?