Its complicated ,what does that mean?

@ronnyb (6126)
March 31, 2009 5:45pm CST
I am a member of a well known social networking site and I have noticed that many women respond "Its complicated" when they are asked to what their relationship status is. Now I don’t know about you but I believe that if you were there seeking a serious relationship ,that this would be red flag to stay far because obviously something is wrong with their relationship and they could be the problem. In addition if they are having problems in the current relationships ,should we assume that this could mean the same for any relationship that you get into with them ? On the flip side it could mean that their present relationship is on the rocks and you may stand a good chance of being with her . What do you think about this situation should you avoid or relish women/persons in such relationships ? Should you consider this to be honesty on their part ,after all they could have neglected to mention that their relationship was on the rocks or that they don’t have a relationship at all ?