Why Defend Obama When He Does Such Stupid Things?

United States
@gewcew23 (8013)
April 4, 2009 10:58pm CST
Whether or not the Queen of Great Britain loves that Ipod, or Gorden Brown wanted those DVDs those are some horrible gifts to give a head of state. Gorden Brown gave Obama a pen crafted from the hull of British ship of war, while Obama give the Prime Ministry of Great Britain 25 DVDs that do not even work over there. Obama goes onto Jay Leno's show and insults Special Olympic athletes. Obama so dependent on the teleprompter must repeat everything the teleprompter tell him to say. During the St. Patrick's day celebration with the Republic of Ireland prime ministry Obama started reading the PM's speech which he thanked himself. These are just his actions as President, I could keep going on and on about the stupid things Obama said during the campaign. Obama does some the most idiotic things know to man kind yet he must be defended out all cost. Obama is just to big to fail, yet Obama has done everything to fail. Why must Obama be defended at all cost?