Please tell me, why are my threads deleted and my earnings reduced??

@Haraaz (112)
April 7, 2009 7:11am CST
As i wrote in the headline, why? Before i had 0.46 now i have 0.39. Im gettin frustrated...
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@owlwings (39740)
• Cambridge, England
7 Apr 09
Read the Guidelines to see what is allowed and what is not; read the FAQs (under the heading 'Earnings') to see an explanation of why earnings can vary over the month. You have had some discussions deleted and, of course, you don't get paid for posts which are deleted.
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@benny128 (3621)
7 Apr 09
the only reason that your posts will be deleted is that you have gone againist the terms of mylot which you agreed to when you first joined, most common is posting referral links big no no, or you might of replied to a discussion that violated the mylot terms in which case once the discussion gets deleted you loose some earnings.
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@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
7 Apr 09
If you posted a discussion that is against the myLot guidelines, it will be deleted, and that will be deducted in your earnings. Also, if you respond to a discussion that doesn't follow the guidelines for a proper discussion, and that discussion gets deleted, then you will also lose the earnings from your contribution to that discussion. Don't get frustrated! But DO read the guidelines so you don't waste time making (or answering) discussions that won't be approved. Happy posting Haraaz!