My amount went down by a dollar?

@hcromer (2712)
United States
April 8, 2009 7:55am CST
I know that they just cashed out and I got almost $9 for that and now I have $1 left in my account, but when I looked at my account the other day before I was paid out I had over $11. Where did that extra $1+ go? Have any of you noticed your amount go down from what they are supposed to owe you?
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@oscar6 (1939)
• United States
18 Jun 11
I think that the amount is usually just an estimate, that is if you are talking about page view money. However if you are talking about upfront payments then I dont know why it would go down. I would contact associated content and let them know that this is going on if its an upfront payment. I really enjoy associated content and havent had any problems with them.
@freak369 (4865)
• United States
11 Apr 09
The most I ever saw it drop was five cents and that was because a thread got deleted. Did you try to contact them about it? I haven't had enough to cash out for a long time but with the Task jobs I have been able to get back into the swing of things. When you consider how long it can take to make a dollar here, it sure sucks when it disappears. Hope you get this resolved.
@scheng1 (24806)
• Singapore
8 Apr 09
Someone asks the question in the forum before. I forget what is the explanation. Anyway my payment for page views is so little, just over $2 for 2 months effort. Not even worthwhile for me to withdraw the money from paypal to my bank account, since paypal charges a $1 processing fee for withdrawal of less than $200.
@peavey (16487)
• United States
8 Apr 09
The numbers you see are estimates only. I think it says that somewhere, but I know we've been told that. They make adjustments to the amounts when they tally the real numbers to pay you.