Have you seen any trawlers?

@rosdimy (3936)
April 18, 2009 8:16pm CST
It has been some time since I became fairly active on myLot. I have seen several things happening here and there is something which attracts my attention. Trawlers. Before I go on I would like to stress that my observation may be skewed so feel free to correct me. When I say trawlers here I mean people who seem to look for points in the responses and comments of other people and start new discussions based onn these points. My feeling about this becomes slightly stronger when I see discussions in which the posters seem not to have enough knowledge or understanding on the point(s) raised. From one angle I salute these trawlers if they are not figments of my imagination. They act fast and take advantage over whatever opportunity that they see. They are not copycats, because they do not copy other people's posts and claim ownerdhip. Do you think that there really exist this type of people on myLot and other forums? How would you feel if the points you raised in your responses or comments are used by other people in a new discussion, especially (coincidentally) by the same person? Thank you in advance.
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@maezee (34086)
• United States
19 Apr 09
I guess it depends on how similar MY original discussion was to their new one. Sometimes (I'll admit), I get "inspired" by other discussions who barely touch base on a subject related to the subject of their discussion..And start a new one on that basis, to discuss the issue on a deeper level. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I'm not sure if that makes me a "trawler" or not - but if you think about it, in a way, all discussions are probably similar to another discussion on myLot. It's hard to be original, when myLot has SOOOO many discussions already made by members. *shrugs*. By the way, just out of curiousity - where did "trawlers" come from?
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
19 Apr 09
Thnnk you for your response. As I have said I am not against people who are inspired by the points given by other myLotters. I admire their speed at deciding on what can be used in a new discussion and hastily act on it. Maybe those who have been asking on how to start a new discussion should follow this example. Personally I do not see anything bad in this because we learn through various ways. Trawlers are a type of fishing boat, usually used to catch fishes and other sea creatures living at or near the bottom, of the sea bed. If I am wromg somebody please correct me.
@pickoy (734)
• Philippines
9 Jun 09
I'm not sure, evidently, I really need to look around more, lol. I just try to comment on every discussion that catches my attention. I give a few best responses like I did to you and often I search for more interesting post from that person. My world is a bit limited in mylot, but it won't hurt to be selective and deductive. One way or another, I'll definitely meet people who are good posters. I really don't have time to browse alot I just tend to concentrate on what's on the first page... although most of them are too simple. I'd be lucky to find interesting people when they also find me. Sometimes I'm also tempted to post silly discussions, since I'm new I thought it was the trend here, but little did I know that there are really good and quality posts out there. I just have to wait until I find them on my doorstep.