Office 2007 or 2003

@arkasen (748)
April 20, 2009 3:56pm CST
which version of office package is better. I think the 2007 is very good but it is some how complicated for the beginners. The 2003 has the easy navigation. but lacking some features. which one according to you is best.
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@markmoney (2868)
• Philippines
22 Apr 09
I'm still using Office 2003 both in my PC at home and at work. I am comfortable and no problem with it. I also able to use the Office 2007 and yes for beginners you would find it complicated and difficult. You need time to be familiar with it. For me, as of now, I will stick to Office 2003 since there's still more people using Office 2003 than Office 2007.
@luphita (114)
• Indonesia
21 Apr 09
you should use office 2007 because it has great features. for the first time i tried it, i found difficulty, but i got it easy just for a little time.
@kumarpslv (3218)
• India
21 Apr 09
I prefer to use Ms office 2003 only. Ms office 2007 is is having lots of futures which are needed for the people who require for some special application,like data warehouse etc, for the simple home users , 2003 is enough as it will use the less resource of the computer. ms office 2007,takes long time to get loaded than it is need for 2003 .so I uninstantiated 2007 and installed 2003 only.
@net_ankit (643)
• India
21 Apr 09
I love Office 2003 because I am using it from many years & I seen Office 2007, It is different from 2003, I mean its function same but they are arranged differently, and 2003 is more suitable. & ya My system is old, So i can use newer heavy version, it can slow my system.
@Asylum (48223)
• Manchester, England
21 Apr 09
I use Office 2007 on my laptop, but I do tend to prefer Office 2003 most of the time. The different interface is not a problem, but Office 2007 has too many restrictions imposed due to security issues. For example, Outlook 2007 does not support animation in any of the emails. I am all in favour of security, but Microsoft do seem to go to unnecessary levels.
@Mac6999 (706)
• India
21 Apr 09
I use office 2007. It was a bit complicated in the begining, but I dont find it difficult anymore. The only downside about office 2007 is that it does not have frontpage anymore. So I have frontpage 2003 installed as well. Office 2007 does not have the overite freture, which is good because that feature use to activate for no reason in office 2003 and overite whatever was previously written.
• United States
20 Apr 09
I like Office 2007 as a whole, but prefer Excel 2003 to the new version. All other programs I like in the 2007 version, but Excel is SO different now that I wish they kept it more true to the old one! I have been getting the hang of using the new one at work, but it's taking a while.