what do you usually do when your computer gets virus?

@sambilay (175)
April 29, 2009 11:33pm CST
what do you usually do when you find a virus in your computer? do you delete them? sometimes files are treated as virus but they are not. how do you know if it is a virus or not?
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@rosekiss (30260)
• Eugene, Oregon
2 May 09
I seem to get false virus warnings a lot with avast. Most of the time when that happens, I do what I can to get rid of it, I don't know why avast does that but it does, and it bothers me as I am afraid that it won't find a virus when there really is one. I do like avast since it is free, but that part I don't like. I will continue to use avast, but I just wish I wouldn't get the false virus warnings.
@emojboy (632)
• Philippines
1 May 09
I usually know its a virus when attempt to make a malicious in windows or windows/system32. Aside from that, virus from usb are detected by my usb disk security or my three antivirus (Mcafee, Avira, Comodo). For a intermediate computer user who has knowledge more about registry, one should have firewall or a security applications that prompts the user permission if something changes the windows registry. This is a safe way and good prevention of the virus before it spread to the whole operating system.
@curry33 (67)
• China
30 Apr 09
yes,that will happen sometimes,you can choose the choice of keeping it apart,than see what it will happen,if goes on well,than you can delete it as well,
@agihcam (1915)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
I agree with you. Some .vbs program can be treated as a virus though it is not if you know the file or even using it for some time. But virus is virus, it can affect even the existing files, so when it is happen, even the regular file can be a virus infected already, thus the whole file is a virus from the anti-virus scanner.
@thebeing (657)
• Romania
30 Apr 09
i usually get an antivirus program, and try to remove it with it. if that doesn't work (and sometimes it doesn't), i back up my most important data and format and then reinstall windows again. i found this method to be the most easiest to really get rid of a virus.
@rakesh284 (1473)
• India
30 Apr 09
Firstly I will scan my system to detect those viruses and if they are detected then delete them directly. On the other hand if they are not detected then we have to try for different Malware and trogan detectors to find them. And if still there is no result then I would format my system by taking back-up of my data. And after re-installing OS I will install antivirus and scan my Portable hard-drive and then again store the data again in my system
@my125125 (822)
• Malaysia
30 Apr 09
First, I will run my free antivirus program, and let it heal the virus. If the antivirus program fail to do this, then i will consider to reinstall my computer.
• Singapore
30 Apr 09
lol run your anti virus program and if it finds any, just delete them. So far i've nv seen files that are not viruses but treated like one, most infected files that are detected always have suspicious names, or you just have no idea where it came from.
@arkasen (748)
• India
30 Apr 09
I have anti virus installed in my computer when it shows up a message saying that I have a infection in my computer then I first try to heal them. If the anti virus is able to do so then its ok. Otherwise I delete them. In most cases the anti virus detects the correct file as virus. It can also detect some exe file of some renoun program as virus. What actually happens is that some times the virus in your machine updates the code of other software programs. Then they are also treated as virus. Other than that if you are programming a virus then it can say that your file is a virus. Normal files are never treated as virus.
@med889 (5958)
30 Apr 09
I don't really understand these stuffs very well so I call my boyfriend and tells him and he gets my laptop perfectly okay.;-)
@amitksing (1323)
• India
30 Apr 09
Yes, if I ever suspect having a virus in my system, I try to find it out using my anti-virus software. If it detects the virus, I first try to clean it, but if it doesn't, I go for the deletion process!! Yes, there are files that our anti-virus program shows as virus infected and actually it is not, under that circumstance, I try to clean the virus, but if it doesn't come out that way, I check if I really need that file, and if I can stand losing it, I do go for the deletion. Deleting an unnecessary file is far better than having a virus!
@KupoSin (680)
• United States
30 Apr 09
i run a complete virus scan and delete or repair any infected files if all else fails, i reformat my computer to stay away from identity theft and such
@rsa101 (15541)
• Quezon City, Philippines
30 Apr 09
Well I usually delete them because 90% of them are real virus and i would not take a chance of saving a file being suspected of it. If there are cases that they were suspected falsely then I would immediately notice that since my OS would not be working properly then i guess i just have to reinstall whatever it is affected.