Would you consider buying a used desk computer or laptop?

@apples99 (6564)
United States
May 4, 2009 11:09pm CST
Iv been thinking of getting a second computer, but this time id really like a laptop computer the only thing is I dont have a lot of money to spend and I'm considering buying a used one, but I'm not sure of how good it would work if purchased one from a used place, anyway would you buy a used PC?? and if so where would you recommend getting one at?
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@emojboy (632)
• Philippines
5 May 09
Do not buy a used computer because it does not have a 1 year guarantee warranty service. It is better to be safe especially laptop computers because it not simple to open the laptop and fix it. It has limited stores that would care to fix your laptop. Its parts also are mostly rare to find than desktop computers. So buy a new one.
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
5 May 09
I will not buy a used laptop unless it is from a reputable dealer. The dealer should be prepared to replace any malfunctioning parts within the warranty period. If the warranty period is too short like maybe one week I will give it a pass. I have had several experiences in purchasing used products and most of the time it was a waste of money. all the best, rosdimy
• China
5 May 09
Hi apples99,i have a HP laptop bought 2 years ago.i like laptop it is very conveniently and portable. so i can use it everywhere and anytime if i want.nowadays laptop is less expensive than before!my friend bought a second hand laptop at the same time i bought mine.but his laptop always have troubles.so i recommend you can buy a new one.
@tuyakiki (3026)
• India
5 May 09
I also have both but I prefer to use laptop since I can bring it around with me,it is portable. I can use laptop while watching TV or going out with friends..I can also use it when I am at work. I can go anywhere,where I want and I can work with my stuff anywhere I want. And this is the most important advantage of a laptop.But there are certain disadvantages like laptops are hard to fix,and every time I had to call for a technician. Whereas, with desktop, the screen is larger and the PC is more powerful but it is not portable at all.Desktops are bulky. Its really a problem sometimes. It's also true that if something broke down, desktop PC is much easier to repair than laptop. There are Pros and cons to each I believe. Its better to buy a new one in this regard.With a second hand laptop or PC,it may happen that you will have to spend thousand bucks afterward for fixing it up.
@lynnemg (4539)
• United States
5 May 09
Yes, I would buy a used one if I was sure it worked as it should. My Mom recently got a nice one from ebay. If not there, you may check the pawn shops, or just ask your friends and family. They may know someone themselves.