What happened to mylot tasks????

@figjam00 (1450)
May 5, 2009 8:35pm CST
Last month mylot added a new service of "tasks" that was labeled as stimulus package for the mylot users. I have completed around 10 tasks and earned money for that. But for the past couple of weeks there is no task in the tasks section. I wonder if this thing would be shut or what!!!
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@tabsnlos (587)
• United States
6 May 09
ummm I'm new, so what is a "task" and how do you find it? Thanks!
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@rsa101 (13336)
• Philippines
6 May 09
I am also looking for it this month. Last month I earned a lot to that is why I was able to reach my minimum for the month. I have seen one yesterday and participated hopefully I would get approved for it. But today I don't see one at all. I was expecting those tasks to come in these first few weeks but I am not seeing one right now. Hopefully I would see some this coming days as it is really a big help for me to reach minimum payout.
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@rocketsky (1014)
• China
6 May 09
yestoday there is good task shown for us , you should check it out !
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@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
6 May 09
Yeah, i do notice that there are not as much as task in there unlike the initial stage.. I guess it's either, there are users whom are much faster than us in landing those tasks, or mylot did not manage to get as much task from outside companies ^_^ SO far, i have not even completed one task yet, and i'm looking forward to more options in the task section.. hehe ^_^