Who's taking (or who has taken) a PR class?

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May 10, 2009 8:58am CST
I'm sure there are many that are applauding that my opinionated self is taking Public Relations So far I've learned what not to do if one's company is having PR issues: do not try to sweep it under the rug and hope it goes away. According to the two cases I've studied this weekend, that's what both Pepsi & Domino's initially chose to do in their respective cases. In Pepsi's case, with the syringes found in cans of diet Pepsi from their Seattle plant, they refused to do a recall and Coke sales soared. In a nutshell, Pepsi was trying to deny that the tampering could have happened at their plant. Big mistake. I urge you to try and open a can of ANY brand of soda then reseal the can. I doubt you can. I know I can't, and basically wasted two pops trying lol. In Domino's case, with the two employees performing many health code violations on camera while preparing and sending out food, then uploading it to YouTube for crying out loud!! They stalled for two days before addressing the issue publicly. Yes, the employees were fired and arrested, but in that small amount of time, a survey of Domino's customers was done. This survey showed that 65% of people that normally order Domino's delivery were rethinking that issue and would probably opt for another pizza delivery service in the future. My question to current PR students: Are these the types of cases you're studying under your prof? If not, please share the types of cases you are studying. My questions to former PR students: Were all the cases you studied seemly common sense answers as these two cases appear to be? My question to the consumer: Are you aware of such issues or do you usually find out after the fact when the damage control has already been done? Please feel free to tell me about your own issues as well.
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@DavidReedy (2411)
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11 Jul 09
It's funny how these things work out. My last response was on one of yours about the weird things people say during whoopee-and I suggest that people are just plain weird--and perhaps outright stupid, and before that, I posted on a discussion waying the moral decision between loyalty to friends and the truth....Okay, by the time I typed all that I already forget the illosury correlation that I saw, but point is, yeah, we'd all be better off if we could be honest (and frankly, if we were open enough to accept others [for and with their honesty]). DR... ps... another great post.
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11 Jul 09
It's probably the lack of sleep you mentioned that caused you to forget the illosury correlation, but if you remember, feel free to share. I've got to go see what you put in the other post, the suspense is killing me. Glad to see you still pop in once in a while & thank you for taking time to read my insanity lol. Take care & keep in touch, --Shannon
@stephcjh (32327)
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11 May 09
I have never done anything like this before. Thanks for shairng this with all of us.
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12 May 09
Thanks for stopping by Steph. I hope you've been doing well & are still kicking butt makin' that money!