what do people think?

May 11, 2009 9:37am CST
I am an avid fan of beyonce, although lately i think she has gone downhill does anyone else think the same and do you think she will come back with avengance? I hope so!!
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@Citychic (4078)
• United States
26 May 09
What do you think? All things considered I think that Beyonce knowles has done pretty well for herself. Out in the entertainment world it's expected that the people who enter those fields will have to show some skin and or do a few things according to sensationalism which is to excite the general population. I don't know if she will come back with a vengeance because it seemed like she was just trying to reach a certain plateau and somehow she seems to think that she has reached it already . To me the best song that she ever came out with was the one about "I'm a survivor" and then everything else was just so so.... But she played a good part in this last movie that she was in and so I got to give her props for that.....
27 May 09
Dont get me wrong I still have alot of respect for her and I still think she is a brilliant artist, i just think she has done better, it seems like this album was rushed therfore isnt as good as her other albums, but then again she was making a movie at the same time so it could be that. Unfortunately this may be her last album as she wants to start trying for a baby next year.
• United States
27 May 09
She's done extremely well for herself and has changed a lot about what men and women see as the ideal for women. She's a good example of a "fit person" without appearing gaunt. She's a good example of a woman appearing sensual without revealing everything. She's a good example of what happens when you are good at your job, and pursue your career rather than fame. She didn't look for fame..fame found her. Has she gone down hill? Nope..I think she's gotten prettier and smarter. I think J has been good for her..obviously they want privacy and she doesn't talk a lot about him, but when she does she practically blushes she looks so happy. Her career is on the up, her marriage is going well, and it shows. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone that is like her..beautiful and talented go out there and tell people "I am what I am because I choose to be what I am". That alone gives me a lot of respect for her and because of that alone I actually try to listen to her music now and again. I don't like it all..but she can sing..something I cannot say for all the current R&B artists out there. (I don't consider her hip hop really).
31 May 09
Yes I know what you mean, I have always been a fan of hers. Since she was in DC. I have all her albums, I havent seen any films shes been in apart from Goldmember as I never used to watch many films. I am waiting to see her new one when it comes out.
• United States
2 Sep 09
Well I'm late to responding to this but here goes nothing. I have been a fan of Beyonce for a long time ever since she was in Destiny's Child and when she went solo I was really impressed. Ever since she went solo she has been able to distinguish herself and prove that she can do it by herself and create music that everyone will like. I don't think that she has gone downhill. Although I haven't listened to her latest CD. I only know two songs so I don't know about the other songs. But it seems like she's doing pretty good.
2 Sep 09
You are never to late late to reply to a discussion! I have her new album and its not brilliant she has gone right downhill now! Dont get me wrong she is still a brilliant singer and dancer just not as good as she used to be, but then again we cannot expect her to be fantastic forever! Thanks for replying and hope ypu think of a title soon I have been thinking since last night to help you out! I still have no ideas!
• United States
3 Sep 09
Well then I'm going to have to check out her album and see. I really liked her last album B'Day. Now that album was tremendously good in my opinion. Thanks for helping me out with the title as well I'm still thinking about it and I haven't thought of anything but I'll think of something. Have a great day!
@ladym33 (11008)
• United States
20 Sep 09
I don't really think she has gone down hill she just won the video of the year award. She is probably just taking a little hiatus. I am sure we will hear more from her soon, everybody has to have a little down time or they will end up burning out. She is very talented and beautiful her career is far from over, I am sure we have plenty to hear from, from Beyonce.
21 Sep 09
She wants to settle down and have children now so I dont think we will be hearing from her or Jay-Z for a while :(