The We Do Not Like Adam Lambert club Anyone else a member?

United States
May 14, 2009 11:41am CST
Ok so it seems like I am one of the very few in America that is not singing Adam Lamberts praises. I think Adam has a great voice but when he starts that screaming it is just "apalling" as Simon would say. Is there anyone else out there that thinks Adam is not as great as people are making him out to be or am I all alone in this club?
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@carolscash (9500)
• United States
15 May 09
Well, I am not in this club as I love Adam! I believe that his "screaming" that I hear people talking about are the notes that he is the only one on the show that is capable of hitting them and being on pitch. Adam has the punk rock look at times, but he was so hot in the white suit the night that he had the blue lights on him and sang the slow song. Plus, he has the prettiest eyes that I have ever seen. He is absolutely the ultimate package when it comes to marketing an Idol. Kris is good,but not as talented as Adam!
• United States
22 May 09
I agree with what you said Adam can sing and he is so inique and he brought something differnt to this years Idol ! He will be okay ! Just wish he would of won because I feel he deserved it , but some people cant take the new and embrace it , ya know . I have always liked the glam rock , because my father turned me on to Bowie and I love the whole theatre thing as well . Adam can act, sing , write , and seems so sweeet what more could you of wanted from a winner . Many people told me they voted for kris because of his looks .
@metschica25 (5407)
• United States
22 May 09
Hi , I like Adam and always have . There is just something about him that drew me in from the start . My father got me into that whole glam rocker thing with David Bowie , so its not so odd for me . I also was a theater geek so I love all the drama he brought to the stage . I like anything different ! I kinda liked the screams as well , because sometimes that is what ya gotta do . And anyway he has a voice as well and very creative . To each their own I say , but I see some post that say he is creepy , but that is just a look and not how of well of a singer he is . Alot of people told me they voted for kris because of his good looks ...enough said . Anyway ! I think Adam is good looking just a diifernt kind ya know .
@mommyboo (13198)
• United States
20 May 09
LOL LOL! Ok, now that I am done laughing, I have to burst your bubble. I have been enjoying Adam, he is such an entertainer. However, it just might hurt him in the finale because Kris has an equally good voice - but he's just not the same level of entertainment. There ARE others out there like you who dislike the whole 'musical theater' aspect, although I kinda like it. I also like his hair, the funky cut and colors, and yes, the makeup. He just looks like fun! The top few actually all look like fun, Allison was hilarious, Danny was hilarious, I mean if you're lookin for a good time, look no further than your American Idol house lol. I mentioned in another post, I do think Kris is equally good. He has a whole different stage persona though, than Adam. Adam is very... at ease. Very confident. Kris is confident now but not in the same way. Adam is very.... 'look at me'. Kris is more like 'here's what I have to say' lol. It's hard for me to pick so I haven't, all I can say is I don't think I'll be disappointed either way. I love them both, but this is a live show and theatrics may win.
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
17 May 09
I am in. I am a complete Kris Allen fan. I have never cared for Adam to much at all. I don't understand why people think he is all that. Like you post he screams when he is singing. Where Kris sounds great. I hate Simon for prasing him the way that he does. I hope that Kris does win just to show Simon something.
@unclestan (152)
• Canada
14 May 09
Sign me up too are not alone! Do you include free earplugs? So many people (judges included) are letting the visuals detract from the most important part of a singing contest...the vocals. Kris Allen is the better true singer. Adam is the better screamer. I always though it was supposed to be the fans doing the screaming.
@lelin1123 (15643)
• Puerto Rico
14 May 09
I totally agree with you. You are not alone in this club! The screaming is just not singing. This is why I have been voting for Kris since the middle of the competition. Kris is the better entertainer to me because he can also play the piano and the guitar. Adam does not play one instrument. So I will be voting as much as I can for Kris on Tuesday night.
@LadyMarissa (12160)
• United States
14 May 09
I hope that you are alone!!! I LOVE Adam & think he should WIN!!! I don't hear him ever screaming. He's on key 999.999 percent of the time. He hits an unbelievable range when he does what you call screaming. He is an extremely talented young man!!!
@Rollo1 (16687)
• Boston, Massachusetts
14 May 09
I think that Adam Lambert is a creepy-looking guy with weird hair and appears to be of indeterminate gender. As far as I can tell, this is the image that America idolizes. The show is called American Idol, after all.