Job of a Telemarketer

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May 17, 2009 11:59am CST
If you are looking for a job and you see an ad in the paper for a telemarketer don't do it. Telemarketers jobs are usually required to call people that donot want to buy stuff and are required to try to sell items and products to potental customers. Most people who get these calls hangup on the telemarketer because they feel they are being harrassed. Most of these people don't even want to be bothered. Also as a telemarketer you make a base pay plus commission. Telemarkers job can be very stressful with all the hangups and people yelling at you not to call there house. If you don't like getting hungup and having alot of stress tring to sell something this job is probably not for you.
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• United States
17 May 09
Sadly, not everyone has the option to pick and choose their jobs at will. Rather than advising someone not to work a job which is fairly easy to learn, clean, and can provide decent pay, why not try to and advise us to maybe act like civilized human beings and not scream at people who call us in simply trying to do their job?
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@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
18 May 09
I have never tried to do this job. I know it requires alot of stress. You are exactly right. People do not want to be bothered with us trying to sell them anything and ringing their phone off of the hook.
@beki710 (949)
17 May 09
I've worked in Telemarketing and it's not too bad a job. Yes occasionally you get people who just hang up and sometimes people are rude but I've never been yelled at down the phone. I enojy talking to people and I enjoy selling a product. I find that you are looking at this very negatively. It is a job that pays and in this economical climate I don't think that people can afford to be picky with their work. Do you work in telemarketing?