Do you believe in miracles?

@GemmaR (8526)
May 21, 2009 7:38am CST
The question here is simple. Do you believe in miracles? If yes, why? If not, why not? D I S C U S S !
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@arkaf61 (10882)
• Canada
16 Jul 09
Sure I do. I witness them every single day. From the single mother that is playing with her kids after coming home from a job that pays the minimum possible salary, and still is able to put food on the table, to the old lady in the house at the corner, that still loves her children so much, although they never visit and when they do it is to get something from her. The doctor that is still visiting patients at home for free even though as a rule no doctors do that - I know him, that's the reason why I choose him to be my doctor -. The young couple cleaning up the park in the next street so kids can play safely.The black lady in front of me, bringing a meal to her best friend who is not able to get out of the bed. Every single day, without fail. The kid that came to apologize for scratching our car, and offered to help us with something to make up for it. I am surrounded by miracles every single day. The sunset that I watch each day, the kittens next door, the flower in my window.... Aren't we all?
@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
29 Jun 09
I gave up in believing in miracles when I was 15 after seeing my beloved nan suffer with cancer for ten years and lead a terrible life, she never hurt anyone, she was a wonderful lady and had no malice, no spite and always had a good word for everyone both good or bad, she always thought the best of people. It was horrible seeing her suffer and then at 68 she was taken away from us. I was heartbroken, I stopped believing in God after that and I also stopped believing in miracles. Doesn't happen well not in my opinion. To me miracles are just fairytales.
@hanah87 (1846)
• Malaysia
2 Jun 09
I never believe to miracles.I just believe to God.I think only God can help us and give miracle.So,i must just believe to God because God is more powerful than others in the word.Nobody can challenge Him.So,i will never believe to miracle,because miracle is not exist if God not create it.Thank you.
@xhaylea (363)
25 May 09
ooh this is actually a pretty damn hard question to answer if im honest with you, i kind of beleive in miracles, and that sometimes they just can happen, and ive seen on many tv programmes miracles which are true stories so yeah i think i sort of beleive in it all, but then again you just dont know when miracles can happen.