Why do straight people go to gay bars?

United States
May 26, 2009 10:06pm CST
So I met some really cool straight people at a gay bar a few days ago and it got me to thinking why are these really cool straight peeps hanging out in a gay bar? I mean I know us gays are pretty adorable and lovable but why would straight peeps want to spend excessive time in gay bars? is it more comfortable? is it a better atmosphere? Don't think I'm mad about it I actually love the open mindedness I'm just curious so help me peeps!
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27 May 09
Atmosphere. Gay clubs are even better. No one knows if you're straight or not and most people are having such a good time they don't care. They'll take a refusal better than a straight drunk does, as well. Gay clubs generally play MUCH better dance music and have a less 'aggressive' feel to them. I'd choose a gay club over a straight one any day.
29 May 09
My favourite was "Heaven" - the London nightclub. Went there a couple of times and had SUCH a good time. Only disturbing thing was the guy dancing on a podium in his underpants (!!): everything else was very relaxed, friendly and full of fun. "Queen" in Paris is also pretty good, though less relaxed and bit too camp for my liking. I honestly don't understand the resistance of "straight" people to going to a gay bar or club. Heck, even my clubbing buddy - who's more macho and concerned with his image than anyone else I know - came along and loved "Heaven"!!
@k1tten (2321)
• United States
27 May 09
You know, I'm not sure why some straight people go to gay bars. I think though that they believe it's a much better atmosphere because there is such open mindedness there. But as I said, I'm not completely sure. I mean it could be something completely different for another reason. It could be because they are just curious as to how we acutally act towards each other. Some people think gays are like a totally different species so our bars must be the same.
• Malaysia
27 May 09
May b they just wanna know how does it feel to spend time with all of u?
@rsa101 (15467)
• Quezon City, Philippines
27 May 09
Well I guess there is really nothing wrong with going in that place. Your place is I think open for all kinds of people. I haven't been to one myself and if i could maybe I would also provided that I will not be harassed or anything. I would go there just to have fun and not for anything else.