My house is so plain!

United States
June 17, 2009 4:50pm CST
I need to add some decoration to my house but I have no idea where to start. I go to friends houses and they all look so great, but my house is the same as when we bought it. I want to add some things with out overwhelming the tiny space I have. Where do you go to get ideas for decoration?
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@txgrl21 (819)
• United States
17 Jun 09
Hi happythoughts! Well I'm not big on the decorating thing but then I dont have to be because my husband is, lol. When we move I always let him take care of the decorating in the living room or of stuff like curtains and paintins. I dont know where he gets his inspiration from but here are some of the things he likes. He planted some beutiful flowers outside of our front porch, he added some plants in the living room, he likes to buy everything at bed bath and beyond, we both love old looking furniture like antiques, etcc... hope this helps and happy mylotting!
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• United States
18 Jun 09
You are lucky. If I let my Hubby decorate we would look like a sports bar. I was thinking of going to some model homes to get some ideas. This isnt the house we want to be in forever but its our home now and I want it to feel like one.
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@saundyl (9690)
• Canada
19 Jun 09
I tend to decorate with shelving, as well as photos. Mine change from time to time for the photos depending on what events have happened through out the year. I use plates as wall hangings you can find some awesome ones at garage sales and second hand stores. I put books on my shelves and nice hard cover books on the coffee tables with some photos. For blankets/pillows/throw cushions i tend make my own - i use old clothes for material or again the second hand stores occasionally buying new material. Furniture I've slowly upgraded from secondhand to new...i still have second hand peices mixed in but the new is nice to have especially when its beds and couches. Shelving i dont mind used because it can be painted!