do you like to eat garlic? do you know the correct way of eating garlic?

June 28, 2009 4:00am CST
in many places , people like to eat garlic, but some people don't like it because of the taste , however, many of the function of garlic is beyond doubt,don't underestimat the garlic, it's very good for our health , the biggest effect is that it can improve immunity. the crucial point is that once you know the importance of eating garlic, you'd better also ask a question:how to eat it? some people like to cook it and some like to eat the whole garlic, ok, i will tell you that if you eat like this it will be useless ,it's a wast.the right way is that you cut the garlic into small pieces and expose them in the air. the small pieces and the oxygen will produce chemical reaction and creat special nutrients which can be obsorbed by our body. then ten minutes later for exposure , you can eat it directly.
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• United States
13 May 10
I really don't think there is any wrong way to eat garlic!
@schulzie (4064)
• United States
6 May 10
I love garlic in most all cooking. I use it daily. I know it is very good for you, plus the taste is out of this world! Have a great day and happy myLotting!!!
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@thea09 (18324)
• Greece
28 Jun 09
I don't believe that garlic isn't still good for you if you cook it, my favourite way to do it is to roast it in olive oil with the skin still on and then push the roasted puree out and eat it. I use the garlic press to add it to many sauces and slice it thinly to stir fry. The only time I have ever eaten raw garlic was on a garlic pizza in Tunisia which came with nothing but raw garlic cloves on top, as there was nothing else on the menu we ate it but definitely prefer it cooked.
• China
30 Jun 09
yes, most people don't like to eat raw garlic,and people often cook it for eat, i don't know if cooking garlic is good for our health, but at least it't not harmful.the best way is that you make the garlic pieces or sauces and expose for 10 minutes in the air.only in this way you can make full use of the garlic i think
• Philippines
2 Jul 09
Wow thea09! I like the sound of garlic roasted in olive oil. Don't you add anything to it though, like salt? I'm going to try this here at home. That pizza at Tunisia sounds evil. I think it'd be wonderful though if the garlic on top of it was cooked or at least baked with the pizza. Do you have any other creative ways to cook garlic?
@thea09 (18324)
• Greece
2 Jul 09
No salt, just unpeeled garlic cloves, they are fantastic roasted alongside roast potatoes but just drop them in the tin for the last half hour of cooking.
@mokkka (883)
• Bulgaria
16 May 10
I have never heard that we should cut the garlic and leave it to air.It sounds interesting but no matter I know the useful effects of the garlic I hate its smell.It is alfuw for me when I go into a room when some people had eaten garlic-it smells just alfuw.And I have some problems with the stomache so I prefer not to eat it.
• Philippines
4 May 10
i eat raw garlic. what i do is i take about 2-3 gloves. then mince it.after mincing it. put it in a half glass full of water. put some sugar on it.then drink it that way you cant taste the not so good taste.
@mspitot (3834)
• Philippines
26 Apr 10
i like garlic. it's good with vinegar for dipping. i put much of garlic when i cook fried rice and adobo. i like toasted garlic with my peanuts too!
• United States
12 Sep 09
I like garlic, but I didn't know there was a proper way to eat it. Thank you for sharing that with us. I usually eat it that way, anyway, but it is good to know that it is the healthiest way to eat it.
@mariposaman (2967)
• Canada
10 Sep 09
yes I agree that is the healthy way of eating garlic however you will not have any friends, you will be healthy and friendless. I think most people enjoy their garlic more when it is cooked in food which is the way I like it. I tend to use garlic powder though.
@iamsolucky (1243)
• Philippines
1 Aug 09
Hi and smile. I do know that garlic has its own super powers. I mean, its a great herbal medicine for our overall health. This boost our immune system and lower blood pressure. I tell you my friend, i still eat garlic both fresh or cooked. I like to eat it because i know its healthy for me. I know the taste isnt that good compare to chocolate but your body actually feeling better after eating it. I also eat fresh garlic before bedtime, the time that i found out that i have a high blood pressure. I maintain eating fresh garlic almost every night for 1 month, and my blood pressure returns to normal rate. I was happy after our annual check up that my doctor told me i got normal bp. happy mylotting and smile always!
• Philippines
26 Jul 09
[b][/b]I like garlic, we always use garlic when cooking it adds aroma to the food, we also add minced garlic with vinegar as dip for barbecue, and I know that it is good in preventing hypertension, I read in one medical research that garlic is good whether cooked or raw, so anyway you eat it you will get the same benefits.
@cegypt01 (73)
• United States
22 Jul 09
I love garlic, to me food isn't food without garlic. I don't use it with sweets though, I think that would be taking it a little to far L.O.L. Though if have heard of garlic ice cream. I figure that my Cholesterol levels are very good because of eating so much garlic.
@marguicha (90316)
• Chile
3 Jul 09
I love garlic and onions. I couldn´t cook without them. As for how do I use it, it depends. For me it´s a matter of taste more than thinking of health. My firm belief is that health follows when you are happy. The inmune system is taken care of. So I make homemade mayos and crush a clove of garlic for appetizers. Serve it with raw, marinated cauliflower.YUMMY. I fry garlic in olive oil for my pimiento, mushrooms and hot chile appetizers. Another plus. My rice is always fried with cruched garlic and I put salt pepper and crushed garlic to the meat in my casseroles before they are sealed. I could go on forever. I roast garlic to keep for a rainy day. Would any of those be ok according to a chemist? I don´t know. They are wonderful though.
• Philippines
2 Jul 09
I love garlic! It just has this weird but yummy flavor about it that adds a great twist to every meal. Here in the Philippines, garlic is almost like a staple. It's added to almost every dish. Scrambled eggs here are usually prepared with sauteed onion, garlic, and tomato. We add crushed and toasted garlic to our congees and the very popular goto. For most Chinese diners here, garlic also adds as a base ingredient for their chili that is added to dimsum and noodles. It is also true that it helps lower high blood pressure. To make it work faster, most would slice a clove thinly then put the slice under the tongue (this works like magic). I also like the commercial garlic chips sold in the grocery. It's just a small bottle of fried thinly sliced garlic which would normally be added to soups or bread, but I like to snack on it. ;)
@geniustiger (1699)
• Philippines
28 Jun 09
Sorry I dont like to eat garlic , so weird for me it taste. But I knew someone eat garlic those who got the pain of high blood pressure. It is a good remedey to lower the pressure of blood in the body. Others tell if you eat garlic snake will afraid to bite you . In addition , if somebody pregnant its good according to them to let the bad witch gone.
@kaz_man (293)
• Australia
28 Jun 09
I like the taste of garlic, I agree with your statement garlic is healthy and really good for your immune system. I use garlic for garlic bread (make my own garlic bread, its easy), and I use heaps of garlic for chicken soup and Spaghetti Bolognese.