Do you like to buy things who you really don t need,..just because you like it?

June 30, 2009 4:00pm CST
All of us like to go to shopping, but sometimes we like things who really we don t need it. But we buy if we need or not. Are you a spender? Or you are a person who all time buy only what you nee, don t like to spend much money?
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• Philippines
5 Jul 09
I don't.when I buy something,it has to be something that I'll use sooner.same as in collecting,I collect stuff that I use.I collect clothes,shoes,lingerie,perfumes,and beauty products and I use them.even with my minor collection of pigs and panda items I choose stuff that I'll use and not because I found the cute.
@thea09 (18323)
• Greece
3 Jul 09
At the moment I am restricting myself to necessities with shopping and have to ask if I really need something. I have had to restrict my own wardrobe as with a growing child he is going to continue to grow so needs new things whilst I don't grow anymore so can't justify the expense to myself when trying to economise. I think it helps a lot that the country I live in is much less materialistic than England which I used to live in and there is much less need to buy to impress, here on the whole it is a much simpler life. But if money was no object I would love to go on a book buying spree, douse myself with whatever perfume I want and replace my entire wardrobe.
@rainmark (4306)
1 Jul 09
I love shopping and buying thing that i really like but only money stops me on doing that. I have no money! wahaha so i only buy what's essential, all my desires were set aside. Maybe if the day comes i will start buying stuff that i like.
• United States
1 Jul 09
I"m a spender but I do it cheaply! You should see the clothes my kids have and most are 2nd hand from rummage sales. I was tempted at work to buy some clearance clothes for $1.20 for my middle. Then I told myself it's rummage sale season I can do better & I did. I found a rummage with things for my oldest... I got 7 tops & 1 pair of jeans for $2! So I stock up & then if they trash it I don't feel too bad that I"m not out a great deal of money. Otherwise I don't buy alot of just cause I like it items, I can't afford to.
@Wizzywig (7859)
30 Jun 09
I'm sure that most of us have things that make us wonder why on earth we bought them and there are a lot of things that we think we NEED but really don't. It depends on how much money I have and how much the item costs but, once the necessities are paid for, its nice to have a little treat now and again