Do u think movies can have an impact on your life?

July 3, 2009 2:09pm CST
i think movies can really change the way we think ...........they really have an impact on us................
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@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
28 Sep 09
Hey, Yes of course, I actually think that the movies that have a huge impact on us are the ones that don't really have good morals. Like I know many of my friends that watch horror and scary movies, which I think are pointless to watch. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
• United States
4 Jul 09
To me they do have an impact on me in many way well it all depends on the movie. There are movies that motivate me to do better in life because that is what the movies was about. Also there are the scary movies that make me have nighmer for a cople of days and I would actually stay scare for about a week I don't know why but it happens. There are also the movies that has super heroues that wakeup my iner child and makes me feal as if I also had super powers. Happy mylotting
@tonyllenium (6267)
• Italy
3 Jul 09
May be it can happen but i never considered from this point of view about movies i watch or watched in the past!I hink normally people used to be much impressed by image than other kind of media as newspaper or books so movies from this purposes can play an improtant role too in the way of thoughts in relation to i think may be in many cases we do that but we are not conscious about it!!
@bird123 (10456)
• United States
3 Jul 09
So many movies are just Flash and Stunts!! I kinda need a good story too! Gotta have a good story to impact mine any at all.
@rainmark (4307)
3 Jul 09
Yeah some movies were inspiring to us. Gives us a moral lesson which can help us in our living. It also gives us an idea how to face struggles in life and it gives us hope. Cheers.
@jalucia (1435)
• United States
3 Jul 09
I think that movies can have an impact on your life. Some are unforgettable, aome expose the truth for all to see, some push the mindset of society in a different direction. But, most have only a short term impact on one's life - if they have any impact, at all. I think that the most common thing that a movie does for a person is to cause the person to identify with the characters or the situation. I think when one can identify with a movie, it becomes more personal to them and, therefore, has a bigger impact on their life.
@OConnell87 (1046)
3 Jul 09
yeah i believe so, some movies are made for that purpose, e.g. the day after tomorrow is meant to make people think about how they are affecting global warming and hence change. The pursuit of happyness really made me think about hoe much my mum does for me