how you deal with allergy

@ritika02 (214)
July 4, 2009 9:25am CST
Many people are suffering from different type of allergy what is the treatment of allergy? There is not exactly medicine to finish this problem from toot actually we only can secure our self if we are aware the reason of the alleregy we are facing, like some people fell allergy go out in Sun so they must avoid it. Some people have skin allergy from atmosphere and some have allergy from food like milk, soy, peanuts etc.and some have allergy from smell or frangnance of flowers and others type of smells. We face this problem because of having sensitive immune system, and the other reason can be the family history if there is some one in our family who has the same problem then there are more chance to have this problem. we can not cure it with medicines but if we do yoga then we can get positive results. if we take help of medicines we get grelief but not forever only for some days or months, so it is necessary to take good diet, and change your lifestyle and do yoga. And manin thing is avoid those things by which you feel allergy. you can also consult with your doctor if you like but medication is temporary treatment for it.
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• Philippines
21 Jul 09
I don't have any allegies. But what I can say about allergies is that is is something to be treated seriously for it is fatal. Are you familiar with anaphylactic shock? This is a type of shock from allergic reaction. It mainly attacks the respiratory system so a patient suffering from it suffers from difficulty of breathing. Better consult a physician If you have known allergies.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
5 Jul 09
My allergies act up every now and then. I am not sure what I am really allergic to though. I think it is mainly pollen. I take medication for mine also when it starts to affect me.
• Indonesia
4 Jul 09
Yeah, I can only keep myself from getting exposed by the allergens. But it's a bit difficult. I have an allergy from morning LOL. Every morning my nose start being itchy I will sneeze badly. It will disappear when the sun is higher in the sky. How to avoid morning? Should I not wake up in the morning? LOL...
• United States
4 Jul 09
Most things people are allergic to u can't do much about.U just have to wear them out if they don't wear u out first. There are so many things such as dust, pollen,grass or whatever that u can try to stay away from but some things are just impossible to stay away from. We just have to take the good w/the bad & go on with our lives.