Are you afraid of changed by the environment ,do you want to change it?

@pinetree (218)
July 8, 2009 9:54pm CST
We usually changed by the environment ,such as people around us or things happened in our life,you are more likely to changed by the environment or you want to change the environment that you are not so satisfied with ?or you want to flee from it ?
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@zhuhuifen46 (3485)
• China
19 Jul 09
Looking back in my life, I have moved several times to different places. Some conditions were very challenging, including temperature, sanitation, etc. But in difficulty I received kind support from people around. Through these tempering, I became more optimistic, flexible and competent.
• United States
9 Jul 09
Hi, Pinetree! I work really hard at making the world around me a better place. I'm making some differences, but they're minuscule in comparison to all the other things affecting my environment. My husband and I plan to get out of the area in a few years, when retirement age finally arrive!
@nanayangel (7861)
• Philippines
9 Jul 09
Hi there Pine Tree! I think that what's happening now in our environment is really scary. I am scared not only for me and my loved ones but also for the future generations. I hope that there's still beauty of nature left when their time comes. I try to help nature through my own little ways. I am doing what I can, simple things like using paper or cloth bags instead of plastic bags, recycling non-biodegradable stuff and support environmental activists such as the Greenpeace Movement.