Have you connect to an unsecured wireless network via your laptop?

@hulaboy (319)
July 11, 2009 2:44am CST
I was just wondering if it is okay to connect to them and what are the risks. I heard a rumor that it is illegal here in the U.S but then also heard that its okay.
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• India
12 Jul 09
Hi hulaboy, Yes, I have done it more than a couple of times. This was mostly in a Hotel which I managed to tap. This I did more out of curiosity than trying to earn brownie points or something similar. Here, in India too it is illegal and could get you into trouble. Another problem connecting with an unsecured wireless network, is you never know when the Connection cuts off and you are left with unfinished work. So, it is always better to have your own wireless network or better still from a known and trusted network.
@hulaboy (319)
• Micronesia
13 Jul 09
Thanks for pointing out the risk of connecting to an unsecured wireless network. I notice that when i connect to one......sometimes i would get cut off and i hate that. I always wonder though if its safe login into my hotmail account on an unsecured network even if msn has ssl?
@kevchua (1004)
• Malaysia
20 Jul 09
I've tried that once on my laptop - unsecured wireless network. Nothing happened, thank God, but I'm not gonna do it again. Once I saw another person's ID on my wireless PDA, that's scary. I've heard that users could tap into your unsecured network, so I won't risk my private data.
• Cyprus
20 Jul 09
What should be more alarming is that the wireless network is unsecured. Considering how easy it is to secure a wireless network an unsecured one not belonging to a cafe/restaurant/hotel/etc which offers free wifi access should raise red flags.Often such networks are left open on purpose so they can monitor the internet activity (sniff) of anyone that connects to them and retrieve account data and/or personal data.
@lovedude (4454)
• India
14 Jul 09
yeah I am using wireless network via my laptop but I never login my bank account or other accounts via those networks as it can be lead to misuse of your account.
@tonyllenium (6265)
• Italy
14 Jul 09
yes i guess it is illegal to connect on the wireless network or hotspot without authorisation as well..so you should connect in some that are public opened or you can submit some costs to that one they have a fee connecting with some hotspots in some hotels can be normal this!! So yes i tried to connect to a wireless connection without authorisation and so it was ok..also because i hadn't bad purposes so to violate some privacy settings or the security of devices linked to the network as well..i think i did not do it usually also because this is risky thing so..it happened to me just 1or 2 times but not much!!