question.... stick with my tattoo lady or try out new shop..

United States
July 11, 2009 2:49pm CST
My tattoo Lady Debbi has done 4 out of my 6 tattoos.. ive been faithful to her cuz i got the other 2 before she ever inked me... and now she moved to a diffrent shop I know what its called but dont know where it is.. ill need to google it.. and i also found out they had just opened a new tattoo shop like 2 miles down the road from my work.. do I stick with debbi or try out the new shop? only bad part about the new shop is.. they want a 50 dollar deposit on the appointment (comes out of the cost of tattoo when u get it done) as if i was to go to debbi i wouldnt need to put down 50 for the appointment.. Im using my birthday money for my tattoo so Id need to ask for the money early i guess if I decide to go to the new shop... what should i do?
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@matsulori (269)
• United States
16 Sep 09
I have about 9 tats. Personally I would stick with someone I was happy with, whose prices I was happy with. Unless you're looking for a new style that's drastically different than Debbi's, there's no reason to change. I always get a little nervous having someone new ink me up. Ultimately it's up to you, who you want to have tattoo your body. But if you're going to someone new, I'd suggest a good look at that person's work.
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30 Jul 09
If you would like to have a little variety see if there is an invite only tattoo conventions. Not only will you find great artists but get really good prices because many will reduce the price if you say that guy gave me this quote. I love conventions because sometimes people have styles you never even dreamed of but love immediately.
@Galena (9123)
11 Jul 09
if you're happy with the work you've had it's good to stick with her. I wouldn't have one done without having seen that artists work enough to make a judgement. we travel about 3 hours for our artist (and the one that did my other one is about 5 hours away, and I had done while visiting my sister, as her work is very good too. if you have a good artist, they're worth traveling for.