Do you like to listen the silence? What sounds who you can t hear it you like ?

July 15, 2009 6:47am CST
Sometimes we need silence, just be calm, relax and don t think in something just listen small sounds around us. Is hard for you just stay for few minutes , just try to be you with yourself? No music, now words, just silence. Birds? maybe just rain, maybe just wind...this are sounds who make me feel relax. What sounds do like to listen in your silence?
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@bird123 (10525)
• United States
18 Jul 09
I was driving in the country and came across an old closed cotton gin. I needed a break so i stopped. When i walked behind the cotton gin, I had the experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. TOTAL SILENCE!!!!! No birds, no insects, no traffic, absolutely no noise. It was such a peaceful moment or two. I realized that day that there is such a thing as noise pollution. We had just gotten used to it.
@devmitra (274)
• India
15 Jul 09
hi marianna.Silence is a great way to unwrap yourself.I love silence at times.You know,when iam are completely stressed and i want a good sleep,i just try to feel the silence of night.Its so soothing.Also,the sound of birds twittering,or a soft breeze blowing around is very soothing.
• United States
15 Jul 09
Hi, Marianna! I love the few days each year when it's cool enough here to open the windows and shut down the air conditioner. The sounds of the breeze in the trees, the birds that sing out even at night, and just plain silence is a joy. I think that's mostly because Miami is usually too hot for open windows, so those rare evenings are a treat!
@busky5 (3166)
• Thailand
15 Jul 09
I don't like silence, because it makes me sad, fear and deep think.I felt scary ghosts which showed my instinct.Sometime i want silence such as reading or writting, because they must more concentrate.